MIXED DIARIES at the Art Fair Suomi 2017




Opening: 25.–28.05.2017 at Cable Factory, Helsinki




About diaries


The project started in 2013 with Christine Baumann (Vienna) and Julia Hürter (Berlin) and was joined later on by Michaela Nasoetion (Berlin) and Kenneth Pils (Stockholm). It is about producing one picture every day over a prolonged period of time. The format is individually chosen by the artist, who also decides on the artistic implementation. We aim to have one exhibition per year to show the work of the year before. A catalogue has been published in 2015.


Our intention is to share our ongoing creative process while doing one artwork every day. We want to experience the flux of inspiration and how the daily work affects us. This we believe is a counter act in our fragmented, visually overloaded contemporary lifestyle. diaries is like a daily island of holding silent in a world of constant stimulation.


Working parallel on the same topic in different cities and countries is something we want to get other artists interested in. Therefore, each of us invited another artist to join our project for one month and to expose with us the mixed diaries at the Art Fair Suomi ´17:


Julia Hürter (Berlin) invited Ricarda Wallhäuser (Berlin) for February 2017.


Christine Baumann (Vienna) asked Aldo Giannotti (Vienna) to do March 2017.


Kenneth Pils (Stockholm) invited Lotte Nilsson-Valimaa (Stockholm) for April 2017.


Michaela Nasoetion (Berlin) asked Katalin Marghescu (Munich) to do May 2017.



The project is part of “Being In The World,” an international and interdisciplinary practice-based art project that explores temporal and spatial perception. The idea is that participants work together to come closer to the topic, get together, discuss it and make new works.


About Mixed Diaries

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